Ron Paul-Pres. Candidate-Pro Homeschool

Thanks to my brother, I’ve been learning all about Ron Paul. Let me first say that my brother is not a homeschooler and his children both attended the local public schools….my nieces are wonderful girls who have done great academically! They are an exception to the normal results of our GA public schools…We rank DEAD LAST in National SAT scores!! I believe that the reason is the parental involvement on my Brother and Sis-in-Law’s part and their focus on the importance of learning and, more importantly, critical thinking and problem solving…always to challenge the “normal” way of looking at something!! I say all that to say that his support of Ron Paul has little to do with his homeshool beliefs and A LOT to do with his stance on all the other issues….I will mostly just talk here about his homeschooling stance, but PLEASE take a look at Ron Paul’s website so you can see his stance on all the other major issues or any issue important to you and your family!!

Anyway, Earlier on in the year, my brother sent me some Ron Paul You Tube videos so that I could see what he is all about. Since then I’ve been a supporter of Ron Paul! Even without his homeschool beliefs, I found him to be a canditate that I could believe in! One thing that has stuck out in my research, was that he has NEVER changed his voting habits! So many times you see politicians who vote one way on a topic then a few years later with some lobbying efforts, they change their views! Not Ron Paul! He has been consistant since he’s served as an elected offical!

To find out more about his campaign go to and for homeschool info go to

Ron Paul Speaks about Homeschooling:

The following was taken from the Ron Paul website:

Statement on No Child Left Behind-

Ron Paul Praises Homeschoolers

Quote from Ron Paul’s Site:

“Many of the Republican candidates claim to be friendly to homeschoolers. Their rhetoric indicates that they believe in choices in education and less federal government involvement – but their voting and governing records are the true indicators.”

Mike Huckabee’s Record

Home Schoolers Lose Ground with New Law

The enactment of House Bill 1724 on April 5, 1999, gives Arkansas the unique distinction of becoming the first state in the nation to add restrictions to its existing home school law. Sponsored by Representative Jim Magnus (R-55), a home schooling father from Little Rock, the new law, among other things, establishes notification deadlines and imposes a 14-day waiting period before parents are allowed to withdraw their children from public school to begin home schooling mid-semester.


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2 responses to “Ron Paul-Pres. Candidate-Pro Homeschool

  1. Michelle Berry

    He’s pro-life which is really important. The fact that he supports homeschooling makes him much more attractive in my book. Plus Sam Brownback doesn’t seem to be getting much support… I want to vote for someone who has a chance in hell! I will keep an eye on Ron Paul!

  2. Deb

    So good to see another home schooler for Dr. Ron Paul! We are too.


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