Okay so people that know me know that I have a lot of hair. Most think this is something to be jealous of! I have heard all the comments.. “WOW your hair is so thick!” “I wish I had half the hair you have!” “Your hair is beautiful!” Don’t get me wrong…. I love being complimented… really… I do! 🙂  But I have decided to share the bad and ugly along with the good! To the outside world my hair is thick and curly and pretty…. but for those few unlucky folks who have seen it… they know the real story! hee, hee, hee…

Growing up my hair was horrible! I looked like a cross between an electricuted poodle and Cousin It! I tried mousse, gel, de-frizzers. My mom was a hair dresser and a good one and she tried different things. Although she wasn’t as bothered as I was. It was bad… not only was my hair a big friz ball, but I had hair on my arms that would compare to your harriest male relative! No kidding. At one school I was referred to as “warewolf” (is that spelled right??) Anyway… it was then that the whole moving once a year thing wasn’t such a bad idea!

One time I BEGGED my mom to cut my hair in a “bob”. She warned me but did it anyway. Yep… I looked like a giant triangular mushroom! My mom ended up having to shave the back of head from my neck half way up so that my hair would lay flatter against my head! YEP… it was that bad!

As I grew I learned some tricks to doing my hair…one of them is to always use some sort of hair product if I am wearing my hair down (which isn’t much) Otherwise it will be way too frizzy and outof control!

I learned to use a big curling iron (now I use a flat iron) to straighten the hair around my face so it’s not so kinky curly!

and the most important thing I learned was…

to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use a blow dryer! I have tried all the suggestions.. put hair product in my hair first, use a diffuser, etc…. NOPE nothing works! The ONLY time I use a blow dryer is to get my hair completly dry after taking a shower and before using hot rollers… I know why would I use hot rollers if I have curly hair!? they give my hair nice big smooth curls and I think that looks good…

 Anyway, the other day I had a “date” with my hubby (it happens about once every 3rd year) and I wanted to use the hot rollers so I had to get my hair dry first. I took out the VERY VERY old but almost brand new blow dryer and proceeded to dry my hair. When I was done I realized that NO ONE ever sees me this way. If they did they would never ask why I don’t use a blow dryer again!

 First let me say that when I did this to my hair, I didn’t do anything to make it like this. All I did was blow dry my hair. I didn’t fluff it, or tip upside down. I simply brushed and dried….

Here ya go! Click to see: blowdryer hair

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