My Younger Dad

I love old photos! Not just because I like to scrapbook either.  I just feel very connected to the universe or something when I look through old photos. They don’t even have to be anything or anyone that I know! It’s the same with old letters. I love finding old letters at flea markets.

Anyway, I was able to have the chance to look through and label old photos that my grandmother had before she died in 2001. Many of them were of my dad when he was young but most were even older than that. I’ll post more about that history later….

But I had never found a photo of my dad in school except his yearbook photo. My Aunt Nancy (my dad’s sister) actually found this photo of him in other things of hers and scanned and sent it to my dad…who then sent it to me.

It’s so cool because I have his letterman’s sweater (no jackets back then?) with the patches for his Varsity achievements.  He lettered in Track & Field, Baseball, and Football. My grandmother was very supportive of his sports since he was small. She even started a little league in their town so he and others could play. After she died, the little league committee (many who were in the little leauge when they were small when she started it!) voted and decided to rename the field after my grandmother… Grace Bradley.

Again, another story.

So…anyway, I found this picture again and I thought it was cool! My dad is the one on the left (in the back) of the photo.

My dad, Roy Bradley

My dad, Roy Bradley


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