Our 10th Anniversary!

Today is our 10th Wedding Anniversary! It’s just after midnight so it’s offically the day!

Let me first give a brief history of our anniversary celebrations through the years! I don’t know what others do for their anniversary, but I got married expecting to at least have a DATE or SOMETHING each year. We have had nothing but bad luck when it came to celebrating our day!

The first problem was that NO ONE WARNED me about getting married in December! Let me just tell anyone out there who is thinking about a beautiful Christmas wedding… STOP! DON’T DO IT! You’ll spend each year FIGHTING for time to spend together!

The second problem in that my in-laws do a wonderful thing (and I don’t mean that sarcastically… I really am VERY grateful that they do this!). They actually celebrate Christmas the week BEFORE Christmas so that we can all be together with that side of the family without it interferring with the other sides (spouses’ families… like mine) who insist on doing their celebratings on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (like mine!). I am VERY glad that Marjie (my mother in law) does this so that there isn’t a fight or a feeling of tug-o-war between spending times with both sides…. however, it ALWAYS falls on our anniversary weekend! (and my father in law’s birthday…which is the day before our anniversary… so he never gets a birthday either…no one warned his mom of having a child the week before christmas!). 

ANother problem is just finances. As we think about all the fun and exciting things we can do for our Anniversary, we also see the list of gifts we need to buy. That just takes away from the fun of spending money on us. Do we really need to spend money on something else?

Okay… so those are the normal yearly problems, but then you have all the other things that pop-up and they are usually bad. Our first anniversary was spent by me saying (as I’m crying) “I’m having a miscarriage!” Yep… that was a fun weekend. We forced ourselves to go out anyway and we even ate the frozen cake from our wedding (it was very good!). But I was in tears most of the night. Yippie!

Then we had the death and funeral of 2 children in the family (2 years in a row). Now, we didn’t mind at all about our anniversary those years. It wasn’t given a thought that dinner and movie plans got postponed! It was truely a horrible time for my husbands family through those years.

I believe that our 3rd year was not only a death but I also had surgery (gall bladder) in early December and a newborn baby. That was a blessed reason to not go out!

Let’s see….our 4th year we just couldn’t leave DJ with anyone. Okay… so it wasn’t that we couldn’t but we wouldn’t. Neither of us was ready for babysitters (even though he was a year old). He had been watched my Nicole a lot when he was small because he knew her and saw her almost every day. But by the time of our anniversary he hadn’t seen her as much and he was into the separation anxiety thing and we just couldn’t enjoy ourselves.

Don’t remember what happened each year. I know that one time we snuck out for a couple hours just enough time to have dinner at a close restaurant.

7th year…. By now we had another baby. Our daughter Josephine.

8th year … ? no memories of this one

9th year… okay so this was only last year…. but I can’t remember anything!

Which brings us to this year! I have been strict about us actually doing something special! Sonny planned ahead and took the whole day off work! And we are taking the kids to gran-gran’s house for the entire day and evening. (still not ready for those sleep overs!). I told Sonny that I didn’t care if all we did was walk around the mall! I just wanted to spend the day out with just us and to not be in a hurry to get back to relieve the babysitter! I’m so excited and so is Sonny. So far our big plans are to walk around the mall and go out to eat someplace special. That’s it. Still nothing too fancy but at least we are setting aside the day. It’s different than other days and we’re ready for that!

10 years. Still together. Still a good man at my side. 

Love you honey!


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