Counting Syllables

Okay so as a homeschool mom, I am always learning as I teach…but this was pretty interesting to me!

My son was learning to count syllables in his phonics lessons. At first we did the “old-school” way of tapping it out. sun–set… sunset. 2 Syllables right?

He was getting that okay but every once in a while he’d pronounce a word wrong and mess up the syllables. Then as I was reading the Teachers Guide (always a good idea I’m finding) it said there was a rule!

What? A rule?

It said you know how many syllables a word has by how many vowel sounds you hear. So Suntan has 2 syllables because you say 2 vowel sounds the /u/ and /a/. And it works with silent e too…. Like the word chase. Only 1 vowel that you actually SAY /a/ you don’t say the e at the end so you don’t count it!

Even works with vowel blends like Seat. Has 2 vowels but you only hear the 1st vowel so it has only one syllable!

Hee….hee.. I just think that is so cool! Somehow I made it to 32 years old and never knew about this rule! I won’t mention that I used to teach Lang. Arts in middle school! 🙂



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2 responses to “Counting Syllables

  1. Julie M.

    ur such a freak!

  2. My son has trouble pronouncing words so he doesn’t always hear all the vowels. For him when clapping doesn’t work, I tried to get him thinking about his mouth. Each time he has to move his mouth is a new syllable. That worked better for longer syllabled words for him.

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