Workbox Crazy!

Okay so I had seen postings about workboxes on several blogs but purposely didn’t look at them! I knew if I did, I’d go crazy researching and learning about them! After a while, I finally decided I’d look into it! WOW!  I was up till 3am a couple nights in a row just pouring over all the wonderful blogs about the workboxes!  I have NOT read the book about the system. I have, however, spent hours learning from all the great homeschool moms out there who have used the system and changed it to work for them!  I’ve had some great ideas and I finally started it here at home!  Here is an explaination of how I started and how we are using them.  Let me say that I start a lot of things only to find out that it doesn’t work for us later on…so I will update as we continue and see if this will be a long-term addition to our homeschool story!

Workboxes for 2nd grader

Workboxes for 2nd grader

Workboxes - Schedule Card

Schedule Card

I created a checkoff card (or schedule card) based on ideas I got from the numerous blogs out there. Like most of you, I like to tweak things to fit our needs….so I tried something a little different .  I added an extra line of squares so that I could add in cards for things like snack, lunch, computer time, outside play, etc… I put extra velcro over to the right to put those extra things that he can do in one day. Through the day, he can stop working on the boxes and use one of those cards.  For example, just now, he finished working on box 6 and decided he wanted a bit of a break, so he took his computer card (which says 20 min) and put it in the box after the number 6 card.  I set the timer for 20 min and he is playing on the computer. After 20 min. he will come back and pick up on box #7.


I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy the cart/shelf thing that was recommended for the boxes. They seemed like they would be big and take up too much room in our very small school room.  I have 2 kids, so I’d need 2 of them! I went to Target and found them (after searching for awhile….they are on the same isle as the hangers…not with the shoe racks!) I brought them home and I was so glad I got them! They are actually much smaller than they look in the photos… they are only 3 boxes wide…so if you line up 3 shoe boxes, that’s how wide the shelves are!

Our first few days of boxes included:

2nd Grader:

1. CC Review (We do Classical Conversations and we review all our memory work once a day)

2. Math U See – Gamma

3. Jim Weiss CD – Old Testament Stories w/ coloring sheet

4. Biblioplan

5. Take It To Your Seat – Phonics Center

6. Read Aloud (Stories About God’s People)

7. Uno & Snack

8. Grammar

9. Read Silently (any book)

10. Computer Time

11. Constellation Dot-to-Dot and Info Sheet

12. Science – Apologia Astronomy


Day 1 for 4.5 year old:

1. CC Review

2. File Folder Game – Counting

3. Math U See – Primer (building 0-99 numbers with blocks)

4. Explode the Code (book A)

5. Sorting buttons – by number, by shape, by color

6. Painting with Water Colors

7. Snack & Uno

8. Cut & Paste Goats and Troll (on Popsicle sticks for puppets)

9. Read & Act Out Three Billy Goats Gruff





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