Settling in with Workboxes

Okay so it’s been 3 or 4 months since I started using workboxes in our homeschool. I have to say that I still LOVE them! At first the planning seemed overwhelming, but now that I’ve taken the advise of so many others out there and organized my supplies better, it’s very easy to plan the day/week in no time at all! I’m still working on making everything even more effecient, but it’s all much easier to handle already!

The biggest help I got from other blogs was a crate that held all my curriculum/resources by subject.  I have 2 kids and so far I can keep it in one crate (but it’s overflowing and I really need 2 crates).  You could also accomplish this with file drawers or other storage areas…but the crate is great (a little rhyming) because I can see it without having to open a drawer!  Plus I have the kids pile up their books when they are finished right on top of the crate! Easy for me to file again.

Supply_Curriculum Crate

Curriculum Storage Crate

I have separate folders for each child. So I have mine labeled “J-Math” and another file “D-Math”.  When it’s time to plan the week, or fill the boxes, I just look through the folders and pull out assignments from the subjects.  These folders in my crate hold our core subject curriculum and other resources that fit…like file folder game, worksheets, workbooks, etc.   Then I fill in the empty boxes with resources that are stored in other areas….like games, puzzles, computer time, memory work, lego activity cards (I have the download on the right of my blog), etc..

Today I found some great file folder game ideas for skip counting and other math related skills!  I am on a yahoo group for workboxes and I am just loving all the great ideas that people email out!! Here is a great link with free printables: I will be assembling these tonight and adding a couple to our workboxes for tomorrow!

Here are a few pictures of our day today!

Learning Presidents

Learning the Presidents: used placemat, flashcards, and a song from Classical Conversations.


New Puzzle: Putting it together without a picture to look at!

History Pockets

Learning about Ancient History with History Pockets


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