Laminating & Binding — My new obsessions!

Okay so a few months ago I got a laminator from Aldi that was only $20!  It has been the best little laminator.  It does up to 8.5×11 inches.  I’m surprised there is anything left in my house not covered in melted plastic! 🙂

Anyway, for a while I was out of my laminating sheets, but I just got some more…and I’m at it again! My recent laminating projects have been chore charts and file folder games.  The file folder games I JUST found the other night through some wonderful posters on the workboxes yahoo group! I printed out an alien one that was supposed to be for multiplication, but I printed the blank ones so I can just write (with a dry erase) anything I want! I also did a Roman Numeral one and a couple place value.

Here is my Chore Chart:

I used chore cards that I made in similar fashion to workbox cards. Then laminated them (of course) and then put velcro on them.  He takes the off as he does his chores and puts them in the little bag that says “DONE”.  Easy breezy!

Chore Chart

Chore Chart with Removable Chore Cards

I also recently purchased a Comb Binding Machine! It was on sale and it was Valentines Day….so I decided I deserved it! 🙂  I have been looking for something to BIND…so I tried it out with the alien math folder game.  It’s pretty cool!

Martian Multiplication

File Folder Game - turned into bound book

Playing File Folder Game

Playing the Martian Multiplication Game - notice it's bound!

Alien Multiplication Game

Inside of the game with binding


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