SquareFoot Garden – Growing Seeds

It’s been a week now and my seeds are doing great!  It’s so fun to watch how these tiny seeds grow and push through the dirt.  We are really having fun observing the teeny-tiny chives.  They are so skinny and fragile that they actually bend themselves in half to push up through the dirt…then unfold to become a perfectly straight baby plant!  A friend of mine is also growing chives and her and her children are also enjoying the amazing miracle of seeds becoming plants!

The soil:  I found a great bagged soil that I used for my seedlings.

Jungle Growth Soil

They are actually a local company to me (in Georgia) but I found their soil at Lowes.  It was the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 mix that Mel talks about in his book! The only thing that doesn’t make it a perfect Mel’s Mix is that the compost part of the soil is only from one type of compost and not a mixture of different types of compost. But for my seeds to start out in..it works great!

Here are some pictures of my seeds currently.  As they grew I propped up the covers to their seed trays with pencils.   I keep the seeds inside in a sunny location mostly, but if it’s a nice warm day, I will put them out in the sun for a few hours.    I also keep them nice and moist and water them only when the soil starts to look dry ( I never let them dry out).  I water them with warm water and just pour a little into each section.  I think the warm water makes them feel like it’s a warm summer’s day!

Seeds over the last few days

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Garden Stats:

3 Boxes made (4×4) with one more to nail together

1 box made (1×4) using this for my lettuce

A few bags of various compost purchased.  Still need more

Working on the place for my boxes…watching the sun patterns through the day to see where the best spots will be.

Seeds growing bigger each day!

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One response to “SquareFoot Garden – Growing Seeds

  1. Brooke

    Yay! Your plants are looking so beautiful! It is truly amazing to see such a miracle from such a tiny seed… just wait until this summer when you have fruits and veggies produced from those now-tiny plants! You are WAY ahead of me- we are hoping to go this weekend and buy the lumber for our boxes and possibly start getting some of the soil components.

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