Life Lessons – Square Foot Garden

Okay, so you’re probably asking yourself what life lessons could really be learned from a square foot garden, right? Well, actually I was also surprised at how much help my little garden boxes turned out to be.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Ever since I was a child, I have always loved gardening. Growing tomatoes on the patio, rows of corn in a small plot, blueberries on a bush, and fresh cucumbers all bring me to my happy place. I’m not a farmer by any means. I come from a family of suburbanites who don’t want to live amongst the nature. A subdivision without swim/tennis is considered roughing it. We only really “roughed it” once.

Oklahoma. I was in 3rd grade when we moved to Oklahoma. We rented a log cabin on many acres. I’m not really sure why my parents picked that house. I think they knew the owner and he gave them a great deal on the rent. We were there for about 8 months, and I think if were there any longer my mother would have ran off. There was NATURE all around us; crickets, frogs, bunnies, and squirrels. But in the end it was the ticks and scorpions that bothered my mother. Every night we had to have a tick check before going to bed! The dogs also had to be checked daily. Needless to say that my mom was not a happy “camper.”

Well, we didn’t stay in Oklahoma long, but the joy of the outdoors stayed. Not that I’m a survivalist who lives off the land and eats grubs or anything…but I do believe that nature shows us how to live., and I love to see the Creator in nature.

Now I am in my mid-thirties, homeschooling mother of 2 children, and small gardener. I recently found out about Square-Foot-Gardening and started this year’s garden according to Mel’s plan in his book:
All New Square Foot Gardening

I hope that you will also learn a little something about life from the garden!


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