Cheerful Celery – You Did It!

(The following story is part of my “Life Lessons from a Square Foot Garden” series and was written a few months ago)

You did it!

This week was not a good week. I’ve been having lots of bad days lately. You know, the kind where people disappoint you. It’s not that I’m totally enraged, but I’m disappointed. I had expected more out of a couple of friends, and in the end…disappointment was what I got. It made me feel sad and a little depressed…”the blues” I guess. I hate that feeling. It puts a shade of gray over all the good stuff too. Do you ever feel that way?


I have never grown celery before, and I thought it would be fun to try it. It has a large root that looks like a turnip or something and then a big green celery stock grows right up out of the ground. Doesn’t that sound cool? You can even eat the root!

I planted the seeds in my seed tray with my other early seeds and I got a few sprouts, but then they died. They gave me such hope and excitement…a kind of promise of what was to come. In the end I got disappointment. Sound familiar? When the rest of my seedlings were transplanted to the boxes, there was no celery. All I could do was stare at the 2 empty squares where I had planned them to be. I waited a week before I tried again. Was it worth the try? Would they just die again? Should I waste my time or just use that space for something easy like beans or tomatoes? They are a sure-thing! Then I wouldn’t feel disappointed again.

A couple of weeks ago we had a beautiful spring day and I was in the mood to be positive. So I sprinkled some teeny-tiny celery seeds across the soil and patted a little layer of soil on top. I was hoping that they wouldn’t get washed away in the rain that was coming. Oh well, all I can do is put the seed in the dirt and hope for the best.

I talked to the seeds. I told them I was counting on them and they just HAD to sprout and be strong plants. My kids and I were dying to see celery grow. I talk to all my plants. Don’t judge me.

Time has gone on, and on, and on. Tomatoes are getting bigger, baby strawberries are growing, onions are growing taller each day. No celery.

Then today, my sister came over to borrow a shirt (I guess sisters do that forever), and I was showing her my growing garden. I showed her the empty squares where my celery was supposed to be growing, but wait….there was a sprout, and another. The celery was growing! I have tiny-tiny little celery sprouts now and I’m so excited.

Celebrate the Cheerful Celery – it’s my motto today. People let us down all the time, friends break promises, sometimes it is US who lets OTHERS down…but the garden is always striving to be about it’s purpose. To grow and to give. So maybe this year, it will give me celery. And maybe I can always remember to be like my celery and strive to be about MY purpose…always faithful and steady…even if I fail at first and have to start over.


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