SpellQuizzer – a product review

I have been very behind on some reviews that I have been asked to do. So here is my first one.


The SpellQuizzer is an easy to use software program that will help you and your child through their spelling lists. The download was extremely simple and I was ready to use the program right away! Here is what I found while using the program.

When you are ready to use the program you simply click the “Create a Spelling List” button. It will ask you to name the list and then you can start entering the spelling words. You can enter the list by just typing them, or you can also use your voice!

If you don’t want to use the audio, you will be able to add a “reminder phrase” for each word. This could be the definition or a synonym for the word…something to remind them what word on the list they should spell. Then click “add word” and your word shows up in the list. You just keep doing this until all the words are entered.

If you want to use the audio, then you type the word in and then click “start recording” and speak into your microphone. I usually said the word, used it in a sentence, then said the word again. Then click “add word” and your word (with audio) shows up in the list.

When you are done adding all your words, you save your list and you’re done! You could go ahead and add many lists at one time if you wanted. This would be a big time saver later.

When your child wants to quiz themselves, they simply open the program and click on “Quiz Me” then they choose which list they want to use. As soon as they click on the right spelling list, a pop up window will appear and the audio starts right away. It will play your recording for the first word. There is a space for them to type the word in and then they click on “check spelling.” They get immediate feedback. They will see if they got it right, or if it’s wrong. If they misspelled the word, they see the correct way to spell it. Then it moves on to the next word.

If you didn’t use the audio, then when they choose a list and begin, it will have the reminder phrase at the top for them to read.

My son had a love-hate relationship with this program. He is a perfectionist, so he couldn’t stand getting a word wrong! He would quiz himself over and over until he got a 100%. This was great practice, but sometimes only came through frustration and tears…but that’s just his personality.

I noticed that sometimes he would get words wrong that he knew very well. This is because he would type so quickly and click the button that he wouldn’t look at what he typed first! But it is great typing practice too, so as long as he slowed down, he did well.

IDEA: I think that is could be used for vocabulary too! Record (or type) the definition of a word they are studying. They have to then type the right word in. If the vocabulary words are too hard for them to spell correctly from memory, give them a list of the vocabulary words (like a word bank) and let them use that to spell them with. Then you will be quizzing them on their knowledge of the word meanings without spelling getting in the way. As a result they will also be practicing spelling the words as they look and type each word!

I found the program fun and helpful. My son loved to be the one to enter in the new list. He liked using HIS OWN voice to record the words and a funny sentence. Once I showed him how to do it, he was able to enter his own lists and then quiz himself! I didn’t even have to take time to enter the words! I would recommend that you check to make sure that they spelled each word correctly on the master list and that their sentences made sense though. You can always edit a list that has already been entered.

What I didn’t like: At the end of a quiz, a pop up screen will show the student how they did. This is great for them, but once they click off that final screen with their score, you can never see their score again! I would like to be able to have a report of how they did. I’m not always right next to my son when he uses the program, so I don’t know how many he got right. Sometimes he doesn’t remember (unless it was 100%). Reports showing how a student is doing and their improvement on a list would be better. I also think that a report showing me which words he got wrong would be good. I would like to know what he’s missing so I can work on those words. Are they easy words that he’s rushing through? Are they words with a similar pattern that we need to review? I don’t know.

Overall, I would recommend the program as a fun (and independent) way for a student to review spelling and vocabulary. The price of $29.95 is a little high in my opinion, however, if you have more than one child that would be using this program over several years, then it might be worth the price. If the report feature was added, I’d definitely say it’s worth the price. But as it stands, it’s a fun and educational game for kids without offering the teacher/parent much feedback unless you are sitting with your child as they use the program!

SpellQuizzer offers a 100% money back guarantee, so I would definitely suggest buying the program and see how it helps your child at home! It will work with any spelling or vocabulary program out there!

If you’d like to purchase SpellQuizzer, just to their website: http://www.spellquizzer.com/

You can even download a free trial version.

Hope you enjoy!


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