Stubborn Strawberries

On the road again

Why is it so hard to get out of our “comfort zone?” We all have our places of safety. Maybe it’s our job or work place, or it could be the people we hang out with…maybe even the church we attend. It’s safe, reliable, with no surprises. Right? But then sometimes, we know that we should move on. Get a new job or ask for a raise, make new friends, find a new place of worship, move to another area….etc. But it’s hard. What are we so afraid of? Success? Failure? The unknown?


I noticed while weeding in our front yard, that I had some wild strawberries! They must have grown from some thrown out half-eaten strawberry. It was right by my front door way under these big bushes. I decided that they should be planted in my garden boxes with the other strawberries. The dirt was much better, they would get more sun, and generally be able to produce and grow. It was the better place for them.

I carefully pulled them up and took them to the garden boxes to plant them. I was so excited about seeing them grow. By the next day they looked horrible. They were all wilted and sad looking. I watered them, and talked to them, but day after day, they just got worse and worse. They are pretty much dead now.

The strawberries liked their comfort zone under the bushes. Even though this spot was better for them, they just couldn’t adjust. In the end they just died. They can’t go back and they can’t go forward. Isn’t that just like us sometimes? That’s why we don’t ever leave our comfort zones…we are afraid of being like those strawberries and dying, failing in our new environment. We won’t be able to go back. But that’s the thing. We aren’t strawberries. We can choose to live and survive and even flourish. We can make the change for the better and live without fear.

Fear not, for I am with you

Don’t Be a Stubborn Strawberry – motto of the day

I can choose to flourish in my surroundings and when I need to make a change, no matter how scary it might be, I can choose to be blessed, to bless others, and grow there too. All things are for a season. Don’t let the season pass you by.

By the way…those stupid stubborn strawberries came back to life. Well, they did die first. Totally died. But they had a couple little wild strawberries on the vine before they died, and those strawberry seeds, planted themselves and grew! Isn’t that just how life is? Sometimes we have to totally die to ourselves before our next blessing in life flourishes. The old had to pass away before the new could be strong!


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