Summer 2011

This summer has been so busy for me. It seems to have gone by without having much time to enjoy the season. I’ve been traveling the state as the book coordinator for Classical Conversations. Traveling has been very fun, but it was also very draining. I missed the kids and it was hard for them to be without me so much. I loved meeting all the other homeschool families though. I always felt so encouraged after each event.

My family and I did have some highlights through the summer though!! Here I will show you some of our special times this summer.


Bountiful Harvest from Square Foot Garden

Toccoa Falls

Visiting Toccoa Falls College with my niece

Jos Gymnastics

Josephine at Fun Meet

DJ Fun Meet

DJ at Fun Meet - and moved to Level 4!

Field Day 2011

Homeschool Field Day 2011

Lily and Jos

Spending time with Family


Found a GREAT water park in Orlando!

It was a fast and busy summer and we were up to our ears in boxes of books for the book events, but it was still a great summer. And now we are looking forward to a wonderful new school year and a great family vacation in September!


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