A NEW house means a NEW garden!

Well, first let me say that we moved in November. It’s not really a “new” house at all. It’s actually a pretty old house…and it’s a house that we used to live in about 3 years ago. We lived here for 1 year and did major changes inside. We tore down walls, added a sun room and office room, pulled up carpet and replaced all floors with dark laminate “wood” floors (except the bedrooms), remodeled the kitchen, replaced counters, painted cabinets, fenced the backyard… Like I said, we did a lot at this house in one year! Then we moved (long story) to help save another family owned house. Anywho, we are back and we love this house.


Last time we lived here, I only gardened a little bit. Unfortunately I hadn’t read the Square Foot Garden Book. I worked very hard with little return in my little space. Now I know so much more! I’m very excited about using the SFG techniques at this house. We have a huge flat back yard, but it’s surrounded by very large trees…so shade is a problem for parts of the yard. I’ve been trying to remember which areas are sunny during the summer months so I can get my boxes set up and get some dirt in there!

I brought all my boxes from our old house. I wanted to bring my precious dirt too…but husband said there was no way he was shoveling all that dirt into the truck and then moving it here! He promised to buy me new dirt, but I’m still waiting! 🙂 In the meantime, I am setting up my garden area and making big plans for our big backyard.

I thought it would be fun to look back over pictures from last year’s garden. I realized that I didn’t blog about my garden as much as I wanted to last summer. I didn’t even take many pictures of what the garden looked like at the end of the summer. It was a huge difference from beginning to end.

It always amazes me to see how much changes from beginning to end. Here are some pictures of one of my boxes in the beginning and then again towards the end.

Tomatoes and onions

Tomatoes grown up

I even found a video that I had made during the summer that I never posted on my blog! So here it is… very late. This was done at the BEGINNING of the season, so all the plants are pretty small.

I have resolved to make more videos and take more pictures this year! I really want to record the garden from start to finish this time. IT will definitely be bigger this year! I am going for at least 2x as big as last year. I also want to really get into growing potatoes and starting a productive compost system. I also want to learn how to extend the season by growing early spring crops and late summer/ fall crops. If I can get my dirt soon, I can get some lettuce and broccoli planted soon!

Anyone else out there looking forward to a new growing season?



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