The Bunnies are Here

On Monday, March 12th at around 11PM our mama rabbit, Rose, gave birth to 6 beautiful babies.  We were checking on her over and over because we noticed that she was acting a bit anxious.  Sure enough, she had her babies when we weren’t around.  I don’t blame her.  She has been an excellent mom.  She kept them all nestled in a small corner of the nest that she crafted so carefully.  She pulled her fur after they were born and covered them completely.  When I checked on them, they were all warm and toasty!

A couple days ago, I moved them all into our Rabbit Tractor that we built.  It’s been very warm outside and they were all so crammed into the small cage, that I figured she’d be happier.  Carefully, we got Rose settled into the “run” part of the rabbit tractor.  Getting her in there was hard because she was very grouchy and didn’t want you to reach into her cage and grab her! Once she was settled, and blocked off from the “coop” part, we moved the nest.  It was time anyway because the nest was SOAKING wet with their urine.  I tried to keep as much of her fur as possible to keep her scent intact…along with any dry hay from the nest.  Once they were all nestled snug in their bed, we opened the door and she quickly ran in to check on them.  She ended up rearranging them (like any good mother would).  She continues to be wonderfully attentive to them.  They now have fur and most of them have their eyes open!  They are 13 days old today.

Rose pulling her fur to cover new babies

Baby bunnies in their nest at around 1 week old.

My daughter holding the silver bunny.

The baby bunnies in the Rabbit Tractor. Mama rabbit is happily grazing outside in the "run". 2 weeks old.


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