Reorganizing – A fresh new start

I don’t know what it is about moving furniture, but I love that it makes me feel like I’m getting a new start!  I’m not a decorator by any means!  And I’m visually challenged…by that I mean that I can’t picture in my head how something will look.  I have to actually move things around.  This drives my husband crazy!  He’ll say, “Well, do you want the bookshelf here or over there?”  “I have NO idea!” I say, “Move it here…then move it over there and I’ll let you know which one I like!”  Needless to say, he doesn’t enjoy helping me reorganize a room.

My school room is a room the size of a large bedroom (maybe even extra large bedroom).  It has NO closet though! It has a door to the backyard and a sunny window!  I love it.  But since it doesn’t have  a closet, storage has been an issue.  We have this awesome large wooden wall unit that is divided into 1ft x 1ft squares.  It’s perfect for those square baskets.  I like it because I can divide up all my things by type or subject.

Here is my large wall unit. I have everything stored here. I used those K12 curriculum boxes for storing their school work/samples from past years. I don’t use K12 anymore, but I love their boxes! It’s still junky. I want to add more containers, baskets, etc… to contain each square. But I want to be able to see things too.

Ikea desks. These come separate….legs and top are mix-n-match. What I love is that the tops are like $5 so when they get all yucky, I can just replace the tops! Each child has one of these on either side of the sunny window. The guinea pig is in between them.

The kids have ikea desks that are just flat top tables with 4 legs, and I have a corner desk from ikea.  I originally had (all last year) my desk in the corner and the 2 kids on each side of me.  However, I just felt totally cramped and claustrophobic!   My corner desk was just too small, and I needed more desk space.

Well, for whatever reason, our July 4th was spent reorganizing the kids bedrooms and the school room.  It was a complete overhaul. Each of the kid rooms looked SO much better, but by the time we were done it was time for fireworks!  We got the kids to bed and then my husband (as wonderful as he is) stayed up with me till 2:30am rearranging the school room!  It is so much better now!!  I got another table next to my desk to give me my own large desk space!  The kids still have their own ikea desks but they are on the other side of the room.  Ahhh… breathing space.   The large wall unit got moved as well.  I  love it.

Chalkboards vs. Whiteboards

Now I have to decide where to put the large whiteboards.  I have a couple options.  However, I’ve had this desire to put up chalkboards too (or maybe instead?)  I have experience using chalkboards while teaching in public school (although I switched to whiteboards after my first year).  I just love the look and feel of the “old” chalkboard.  Plus, I bought a big thing of chalkboard paint and I’m dying to try it out!! 🙂

For now the school room is in better shape than before.  I feel that I have more room and a larger work surface! 🙂  The only problem now is that we have added a kitten (she was a wild tiny little kitty that we found sleeping with our chickens and rabbits outside).  We saved her and she’s living in our school room now.  So I’ve added a litter box and a kitten.  Oh well.  More on that later I’m sure!


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