Classical Conversations – Cycle 1 Week 1 Plans

Well, yesterday was our first day back to CC.  We had tons of fun.  Since our CC group has grown so much this year, there were lots of new faces.  My daughter actually missed her first day.  She had been feeling icky the day before and I just wasn’t sure if she was okay to bring.  She spent a day with her dad and had fun watching movies and playing games.

First days are usually a little crazy, but I don’t think it was too crazy….especially counting in the facts that we had so many new families and there was a construction crew working in the parking lot!

So now our CC at Home begins!  Here is a glimps of some of our goals and activities this week:

Copywork: Both children will copy the 10 Commandments as written in our History Sentence for this week (which is actually just the first 5 this week).  They will also copy Bible verses that we are working on, and a quote that I picked from my new favorite book: Great Men Bow Down (more on that book later)

Geography: We are still working on drawing the world “blobs” as outlined in The Core.  So they will start with blank paper, make folds for the great circles (equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Arctic Circle, Antarctic Circle, Prime Meridian.  Then they will draw “blobs” (these are estimated shape drawings) that resemble each continent.  We will also review and locate our Geography places learned at CC this week: The Fertile Crescent area.

Maybe we’ll watch the movie! The Ten Commandments

History: Our history this week and next week is actually the 10 commandments.  I plan on using that as part of their copy work.  We will also read the Exodus story in the Bible reading through the Laws given on Mt. Sinai.  And for fun, we might watch Prince of Egypt (the Disney movie about Moses).  We have many books about this time in history….Egyptians, the Fertile Crescent civilizations, Abraham and God’s Covenant, etc… also books about the Babylonians and so forth. All these books are in my “Book Bin” for us to choose from. We will read each day from books like these as well as the Encyclopedia.  My 7 year old will make a page for her “Book of History” by telling back some of her favorite things about the 10 Commandment story or about Moses in general.  I will write down her short narration for her to copy on her paper.  She will then illustrate.  We also have the first 7 events on our CC timeline to memorize…but with the new song it’s VERY easy!

Science: This week is classification of living things.  We will practice saying them in order, reading in our Science Encyclopedia about animal classification (Taxonomy), and learning the classification of some of our favorite living things.  I also found a free printable from Homeschool Share.  It is an Animal Classification lapbook.  I don’t really do lapbooks, but I like to incorporate some of their parts/elements into our “Book of Science” that the kids make during the year.  So we might pull a couple pages from the lapbook to glue on our pages in our Science notebook.

Math: Both kids will continue to work in Math U See.

This is the Ancient History Book used for CC Cycle 1

English/Language Arts: Josephine, who is 7, will continue to work on reading, phonics, and handwriting.  She also has memory work from CC for English.  DJ, my 5th grader, will do his assignments from the CC Essentials class.  This year I a1m the Essentials tutor as well…so no excuses from DJ! 🙂 The first couple weeks are pretty easy….just a couple charts to memorize and then write a poem or two.  He knows the charts pretty well from last year, but we will copy them to make sure it’s all fresh in his memory.  We will spend about 2 days doing his poem writing. The writing assignments come from the IEW Ancient History Based Writing book

Latin: Review CC Memory Work

That’s about it…. I will let you know how it all goes and if I get any other ideas!! 🙂

Anyone else doing CC this year have some good ideas?  As you can tell, I like to keep things simple.  In the right way….less is more in my opinion.  But I love new ideas!

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  1. Wow! I cant wait for CC. I havent decided if we are doing Latin this year.

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