Classical Conversations – Cycle 1 – Week 3

Okay, so if you are very observant….you noticed that I did not write a post for week 2! Sorry. We had a great week last week, but I just didn’t make time to get to my blogs.

This week (week 3) has been great so far. Below are some ideas that we have either done already or that I plan to do this week with my kids:


We spent the last 2 weeks on the 10 Commandments. This week we moved on to Ancient Greece and Rome as we learned some of the Greek and Roman gods. My son especially loves this because he is fascinated with Greek and Roman mythology! I found another one of those free lap books online that had some info on the Greek and Roman gods. Yesterday we used one of the printables to put in our Book of History. We haven’t done the writing part on our page yet, but we read about some of the gods and then cut out and glued some pictures of their gods into our book. We discussed how the ancient Greeks and Romans fashioned (that’s an IEW vocabulary word for those in Essentials!!) these gods to worship, thus breaking God’s Commandment to not make unto thee any graven image!

Reading about History:

We also started reading Black Ships Before Troy. We will read this a few times a week over the next several weeks. Our history sentences each week will continue to focus on Ancient Greece and Rome for a few weeks, so this will be a good “connection” for them. Just reading the first couple chapters, we found so many things mentioned that the kids were familiar with. There was LOTS of places mentioned from Cycle 2 geography, as well as names of their gods and some of their myths.


After spending the last 2 weeks on how living things are classified and the kingdoms of living things, we moved into learning about animal cells this week.  We have some great hand motions that we learned last time we did cycle1 that really help you remember the parts!  So far, we have practiced the parts using the hand motions.  That’s it.  Hey!  It’s only Wednesday!  Give me a break! 🙂  No really, I ended up continuing our learning about the Animal Classifications.  We don’t have CC next week due to Labor Day, so I decided to go ahead and take more time on the last 2 weeks worth of Science before doing our next page in our Book of Science.  Today, we read more about why scientists classify animals along with why they use Latin to name all living things! (great connection to the importance of learning Latin!).  We finished up our page in our Book of Science from last week by gluing pictures of each of the Kingdoms on our page and then writing a short paragraph about classifications and some distinctions between the Kingdoms.    On Friday, I will have move into the Animal Cells (which is really this week’s Science) by having them watch a great video about cells!  I found all kinds of wonderful educational videos on United Streaming!


Continue in Math U See for both of my children.  We also do Math Drills!  We use flash cards, timed worksheets, games, learning wrap-ups, and TimezAttack online.


For Latin this week, we have done a lot of singing!  The jingles for Latin are great.  But I also wanted them to see what they were saying.  I found a printout on the CC Connected file sharing site that they could fill out.  We filled out the noun endings for the 1st Declensions today and then sang them.

Other items


lots of signing and using the timeline cards to see and learn about some of the picutres.  We also found the song without the words!!! It was fun trying to sing to that!! We were pleasantly surprised with how well we did.  🙂


Still doing “Map Making” 2 times a week.  This consists of either tracing maps, making map blobs (as described in The Core), or labeling and coloring maps.  We have been reviewing all 3 weeks’ worth of geography everyday by pointing to the places.


Yep…everyday!  Sometimes it’s CC Memory work, Bible verses, quotes, spelling words, etc.  Today it was the beginning of Psalm 23, the helping verbs, linking verbs, definition of a verb.

Read Aloud :

In the morning I sometimes read aloud to them.  Right now we are reading O Little One of Israel.  It’s about the Israelite slave who was captured and taken to Syria by the Syrian army.  Through a series of events she ends up a Naaman’s house who was the Captain of the Hosts (Captain of the Syrian Army).  He had Leprosy at this time.  It’s not only a WONDERFUL story, but it TOTALLY goes along with Cycle 1!  We have not only found tons of vocabulary words from Essentials, but every page holds the names of places we are learning on the map!  Then while reading through Leviticus we learned about the clean and unclean laws and had a discussion about Leprosy already.  We had also been reading about Elisha because my daughter’s phonics program had a lesson on it.  Don’t you just love it when things all work together??

Essentials (Language Arts)

Week three starts the “real” grammar assignments.  The first couple weeks are an overview and some charts, but this week we start doing our “task sheets.”  It’s still very easy because we start with the most basic of sentence patterns S-Vi.  DJ easily did his task sheets.  After doing this all last year, he knows exactly what to do.  We are working hard on our Noun and Pronoun chart this week too.  There’s a lot to know on those charts and copying charts is NOT his favorite thing!

For writing we have another paragraph to write this week. First he completes a Key Word Outline (KWO) from the source text about Gilgamesh.  Then he has to turn that into a rough draft (doing that today) and then finish by adding in dress-ups and decorations to help make his paragraph sound interesting and have quality word choices.  He really doesn’t mind this anymore.  He’s realized how simple it can be….just follow the steps.

We also have a Book Club in our class.  Our first book is The Cricket in Times Square.  I read this book when I was young and loved it.  I have been reading this at night to both of the kids so they can both hear the story. DJ seems to really enjoy it so far.  It’s not very long, so we should be finished way before our deadline of Sept. 24th!

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