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Hoot’N Owl Homestead

Okay so I think it’s SO cool that some people have “official” names for their farms.  I have been attending the Ladies Homestead Meetings at Lazy B Farms and just love the people I’ve met there.  We recently did an all natural first aid remedy swap (is that enough adjectives for you?).  I noticed that on all the labels, they put a cute name for their farm or homestead or business.  I loved it.  I don’t really have a farm since I just live in a regular house in a cul-de-sac, but I do like to consider myself a small homesteader!  So I decided to be “cool” like them and have my own name.  Hoot’N Owl Homestead was created!  Do you like it?  Well, I LOVE owls so I knew it had to have an owl in it! I plan to market a few things as I learn to make all-natural products, so now I can put my Hoot’N Owl label on them.

For now I’m starting with my homemade face wash, toner, and tooth paste.  I’ve been using these products for a while now and just love them.  I would also like to help advertise other people’s homemade products, so if you have something you’d like to share or sell, please let me know!

I also want to learn more about homemade soy-free chicken feed.  Now that I have 4 hens, well they are chicks right now, I’ve been learning about how to make your own feed.  It seems like it will be about the same price as buying it elsewhere without the hassle of shipping or driving to pick it up.  Today I made up a big batch of homemade feed and they seem to really like it!  I need to get some grit (oyster shell or something) since they are no free-ranging yet.

Update on the homestead: Chicks and bunnies are 3 weeks old now.

The chicks have almost all their feathers already and are getting huge! I think they are outgrowing their brooder (or is it brooding?) box.  However, we haven’t built their chicken coop/tractor yet!!  Actually we have a wonderful friend who is giving us her old chicken tractor.  She is out growing it (with a new batch of 20 chicks!).  They are switching to a PVC chicken tractor…so we get their old one!

The bunnies have also grown so much!  They have all their fur and look just like miniture rabbits! I still can’t tell which ones will have regular ears and which will have lop ears, and we have no idea which are boys and which are girls!  We are going to keep one girl and sell the rest.  I think I have 4 sold already! They are totally cute and so sweet.  In the last couple days they have all come out of their nest inside the “coop” part of their tractor and ventured out into the “run” area.  They are all happily eating grass with their mom!  They are so sweet and cute!

The garden is growing and looking delicious!  The cabbage looks like a cabbage patch baby will be born any minute. 🙂  I can hardly wait to harvest them.  I have never grown cabbage or cauliflower since I have never had a spring garden.  The spinach is finally starting to grow, but the lettuce isn’t doing so well.  Radishes are almost ready for harvest and little carrot tops are poking out of the ground.  I had to battle with earwigs, but I won!

Compost pile is growing and doing great as well.  But I keep forgetting to keep it moist. 😦

That’s about it for now.  Next plans:  Make more homemade products, get my other garden area ready for summer planting, and get some seeds started again!



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The Bunnies are Here

On Monday, March 12th at around 11PM our mama rabbit, Rose, gave birth to 6 beautiful babies.  We were checking on her over and over because we noticed that she was acting a bit anxious.  Sure enough, she had her babies when we weren’t around.  I don’t blame her.  She has been an excellent mom.  She kept them all nestled in a small corner of the nest that she crafted so carefully.  She pulled her fur after they were born and covered them completely.  When I checked on them, they were all warm and toasty!

A couple days ago, I moved them all into our Rabbit Tractor that we built.  It’s been very warm outside and they were all so crammed into the small cage, that I figured she’d be happier.  Carefully, we got Rose settled into the “run” part of the rabbit tractor.  Getting her in there was hard because she was very grouchy and didn’t want you to reach into her cage and grab her! Once she was settled, and blocked off from the “coop” part, we moved the nest.  It was time anyway because the nest was SOAKING wet with their urine.  I tried to keep as much of her fur as possible to keep her scent intact…along with any dry hay from the nest.  Once they were all nestled snug in their bed, we opened the door and she quickly ran in to check on them.  She ended up rearranging them (like any good mother would).  She continues to be wonderfully attentive to them.  They now have fur and most of them have their eyes open!  They are 13 days old today.

Rose pulling her fur to cover new babies

Baby bunnies in their nest at around 1 week old.

My daughter holding the silver bunny.

The baby bunnies in the Rabbit Tractor. Mama rabbit is happily grazing outside in the "run". 2 weeks old.


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Our Rabbit – Getting Ready for Birth

Well, I was able to catch our bunny as she prepared her nest!  We woke up yesterday and she was busy building a nest in her nest box.  We put the nest box in a day earlier but she didn’t do anything to it.  I also gave her straw/hay to build with, but all she did was eat it!  But what a difference 24 hours makes…because now she’s busy building her nest.  She was trying hard to build with the aspen chips that were in her crate (since she had already eaten the straw).  I quickly gave her some more straw and she put it to good use.

All that’s left now is for her to “pull her fur” and line her nest with her soft fur.

Here is a video of her at work!

Rabbit Building Nest

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Well, as if I we don’t have enough projects going on over here, we’ve added another one.

Background: To catch you up, we live in a subdivision (and old one) that does NOT have an HOA or any covenants/rules. We have wonderful neighbors who love animals on one side, and the house on the other side is up for sale so we don’t know who will be there. Our house is in the middle of a cul-de-sac so we have a wonderful over sized lot in a pie shape…it’s all pretty level and lined with trees in the back. We have a desire to become more “homestead” like and have finally started taking steps that lead in that direction. I’ve always had a garden, but this year I’ve made it much bigger with idea that I will learn to store/can/preserve the harvest. I’ve also started learning about homeopathic ways and have even taken to making my own toothpaste! I’ve already learned how to make homemade laundry soap and dish washing detergent too. We have 2 medium sized dogs, an indoor male rabbit as a pet, a guinea pig as a pet, and 2 indoor/outdoor cats.

Coming Up:

In about 2 weeks we will be getting our VERY FIRST chickens! They will be day-old chicks…more about them later.

We decided to also add more rabbits. We found a pregnant doe (female rabbit) on craigslist for sale. She is a beautiful Holland Lop and she’s solid black. She’s due to have her kits on March 11th. We just got her 2 days ago and really don’t even have a proper cage/hutch for her yet. We have to keep her separated from our male rabbit (buck), so she is in a large dog crate (the kind you use when traveling on an airplane with a dog). It’s plenty of space, so it seems to work for now. She’s already making her nest which usually doesn’t happen until right before they give birth, so maybe that’s a good sign that she knows what she’s doing! The father is a Mini Rex (brown/white) with velvet fur. We should have some wonderful color variation and some lop and some straight ears on the bunnies. The kids are SO excited about it. We plan to sell the babies (just in time for Easter).

We’ve spent the last 2 days working on building a Rabbit Tractor. I really want them to be able to have room to hop around and get fresh grass and sunshine rather than being kept in a rabbit hutch which is just a small square. Right now our male rabbit, Elwood, is in a cage inside. We let him out to run around a couple times a week, but he never gets to be outside or eat real grass. 😦 He was a wild bunny, so I know he misses those things. We searched and researched online on how to build these chicken/rabbit tractors and got wonderful ideas (too many ideas). In the end we just started building and made it up as we went. We used old pallets and recycled wood. It took up three FULL days to get it done.  We built 2 in that time with both of us working on it.

Built with old pallets - Still has a few spots that need painting


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