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Christmas Season Early?

It seems that each year the stores start Christmas earlier and earlier! This year I went to Walmart the day after Halloween to find some dress up clothes on sale (Halloween costumes) only to find all the Halloween items gone and Christmas items were being stocked on the shelves! I have often found myself upset by this…what about FALL? What about Thanksgiving? I have a friend who always puts up her Christmas decorations on or around the 1st of NOVEMBER! ( Yes I’m talking about you Christina!) I couldn’t believe this at first! But as this year has gone by, I find myself ready for Christmas early too! I LOVE Fall….it’s my favorite time of year… but what do I like about it? The crisp weather, the beautiful leaves, and the holiday season! Maybe because last year here in GA we had almost no winter, or becauase it’s been cold lately….but I’m ready for Christmas! We’re having Thanksgiving at my house this year so at first I wanted the house to be decorated for Fall and Thanksgiving. But I think I’m ready to join all the other crazy people out there! I think I WANT the Christmas season to last longer than the days between Thanksgiving and New Years. Since we get a real tree I’ll have to wait until the Christmas trees are available here, but I am definately going to start decorating the rest of the house!! It makes sense anyway! It’s a lot of decorating to do everything in one weekend…but by doing the house first then the tree later I can take my time and make things look like I want! So thanks to all those crazy people out there who showed me I don’t have to box my Christmas up into a pre-determined set of days! 🙂

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