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Spring Garden 2012

Well, this year the weather is very weird. Usually in this part of Georgia we have a little snow or at least some ice and lots of freezing nights. This year we haven’t had any of that! It’s so weird. The warm weather really gets you in the mood for gardening though!

My seedlings are in the ground now and more seeds are sprouting inside my sun room. So far I have Sugar Snap Peas, Asian Cabbage, and Cauliflower in the ground. Oh…and garlic. I still need to get the carrots, lettuce, spinach, onions, and broccoli in the ground. Some of them have been started in seed trays inside, but things like carrots are better just planted straight into the ground.

We had a lot of fun getting the boxes and dirt ready. We actually need more dirt. I have had to start all over this year because we just moved to this house! My husband didn’t want to move our dirt, so we had to buy new dirt! ūüôā We also built a fence around our garden with some poultry fencing to keep the dogs from digging…and later the chickens from eating the garden!

I’m very excited to have this spring garden. I have never had one before. I usually wait until April/May to plant for a summer/fall crop. I am really trying to increase the production of my garden and think of it as our supply for our food and not just a fun hobby! I guess I’ll be learning a lot about preserving and canning this summer too!


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Square Foot Gardening-The Beginning

garden seed packs

I try to plant a garden of some sort every year. ¬†Some years it is a large scale plot, and sometimes it’s a few containers with tomatoes. ¬†I don’t know why I feel the need to plant a garden each year…but it’s more than just something to do. ¬†I am truly urged to plant one each year…from within. ¬†Even as a child, I would have my parents help me plant something. ¬†I aspire to have a garden big enough to sustain our vegetable needs all year. ¬†Could I attain that?

Well, this year I am trying a new system for me. ¬†Actually, it’s not totally new. ¬†I have had raised beds before, but never saw a big difference between a raised bed and just planting in the ground. ¬†So this year, I bought the book, All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew. ¬† I figured this was like the bible of all raised bed gardening books out there, and boy was I right. ¬†First, I found out exactly what I was doing WRONG! ¬†Here are some key points:

1.  Row gardening is a waste of space, money, and time (I kinda knew that)

2. Raised beds are more efficient in time, money, and crop yield.

3. You only need 6 inches of soil to plant in (YEP…That’s right! 6 inches)

4. NEVER dig up your soil.  You are not going to use it!

5. Don’t skimp on the soil you put in your bed. If you are only giving your plants 6 in. of dirt…it better be great dirt!

The book is absolutely wonderful. ¬†If you have the old version of his book, you’ll want to buy the new one. ¬†Besides being prettier and full of color, the new book has major changes to his philosophy. ¬†Over the last couple decades, he has tested and found that there was much room for improvement. ¬†Definitely¬†get his new book!

I’ll be posting about our garden adventures throughout the spring and summer…so check back.

Garden Status:

  • 3 boxes made (4′ x 4′) 1 more box that size to make and a 4’x1′ box to make
  • Seeds have been started….already getting sprouts. I let the kids pick out some seeds, but mostly I purchased veggies we buy on a regular basis. ¬†I will be trying a couple new things this year. ¬†Celery, Carrots and Potatoes. ¬†I will NOT be putting potatoes in the boxes (although you can if you raise the sides). ¬†I will be growing them in a trash can! ¬†Check back for updates on that too!


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