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Today’s Workboxes

Okay so I took some pictures of my shelves and what I put in each box. I know that I got so many ideas from those who posted pictures of the contents of their boxes….so maybe this will help you too.

2nd Grader:

1. CC Review (this is our review time for our Classical Conversations work)

2. Art – Learn to Draw book with Drawing Paper

3. Math – Timed Multiplication worksheets

4. Science – Apologia Astronomy (read section on Sun) Draw picture and write in journal

5. Bible Story Reading – Choice of books available

6. Writing – Write 1 Thank You Note (he just had a birthday)

7. Spelling – All About Spelling #19

8. Review – Take it to your Seat – Phonics

9. Grammar Review – white board with words that need to be changed into contractions

10. Biblioplan – Our History program- with a word search

11. History Pockets – Pilgrims (for month of Nov.) Pocket #1

12. Science Experiment (had this for about 2 years! Time to use it!)

Workboxes for 4.5 year old:

1. CC Review

2. Explode the Code – Book A

3. Puzzle Game – Beginning Sounds Match

4. Math u See- Primer

5. Magnet Letters and Word Cards

6. Science (but then I changed it to a book to read together)

7. The Foot Book

8. Scissor Practice Sheets, glue, paper…make a book

9. 100 Easy Lessons…learning to read

10. Science – Eye dropper, food coloring, water!

11. History Pockets — Pilgrims

12. Cook with Mom – Chocolate/Pumpkin Muffins

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